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Facebook acknowledges privacy settings ´bug´ affects 14 million users

Facebook admits that a software bug has altered the settings of its 14 million users, evidently made some posts public although they were supposed to be private.

Although Facebook being the world´s largest social media network had to face major privacy embarrassments in public. Tens of millions of Facebook users retaliated over their personal information being leaked out and hijacked. Recent news of data-sharing deals with smartphone manufacturers infuriated the public further. 

Erin Egan, Facebook´s chief privacy officer, professed in his statement that the organisation shortly found a glitch that had automatically altered Facebook user account settings when updates were posted. While new method of posting items was being implemented between May 18 and May 27 the users were notably affected. Users’ default setting were changed to public or a suggestion of posting photos and statuses publicly was circulated. It was further added by Egan that this issue was resolved on May 22 but unfortunately couldn’t fully restore all altered posts to its original settings. As of now, the Facebook management is highly concerned about it’s affected users and want them to review all their posts for once and make changes (if any). 

Egan also apologised for the error and clarified that the glitch didn’t affect any posts that were uploaded before the aforementioned dates. 

Facebook affirmed earlier this week that China based Huawei that has been abandoned by the US was one of the device manufacturers in contract for several years who were permitted to analyse Facebook user data.  

Facebook has proclaimed that the contracts with 60 device manufacturers for almost a decade ago were aimed at helping the social media guru to enjoy enhanced services into the mobile ecosystem. 

Surely lawmakers expressed disapproval about China based firms being allowed access to user data at the time when officials were attempting to block their access to the US marketplace for national security issues. 

Zuckerberg was grilled in the Congress regarding the hijacking of personal information of almost 87 million users of Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, a consultancy employed for  Donald Trump´s 2016 presidential campaign.

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