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Fawad Khan Is Once Again In News, But For All The Wrong Reasons

Being a celebrity isn't a cup of tea. And, if you're famous then this could mean that people would just want to use your name for just anything. Mutlub, k kuch bhi kr ke bus aapka naam lena he.

And the same has happened with our all-time favorite Fawad Khan yet again. But why? Let us tell you everything in detail and how it is still making rounds on the national news channels.. 

Chatpatti Khabar Hou - No Reason Needed To Confirm

It has been widely reported that an FIR has been registered against Fawad Khan stating that he on the 19th of February interfered with Governmental efforts to vaccinate his daughter at his residence. And, if we look at Fawad's schedule tou he was out of the city, out of the country and also out of the continent. Like seriously? 

Nothing could be further from the truth as neither of the parents was home at the time of the visit by the Anti Polio Team. Fawad Khan has been outside Pakistan since the 13th of February where he performed at the PSL opening ceremony in Dubai and is presently in the United States. 

While talking to Andaz Daily about his travel history, it clearly demonstrates the manufactured nature of the FIR and he has just come to know of the FIR through the press.

What Does Fawad Have To Say About This?

Sub Kuch! 

As a matter, of fact - BOHAT KUCH KEHNA BNTAA HE.

And that's exactly what a parent will do if he or she is getting blamed for something that isn't even true. 

Fawad Khan fully supports the anti-polio drive and is very well aware of the guidelines of W.H.O and C.D.C. 

The vaccination of Fawad’s daughter is up to date and the record is there to support the same and is also available. Fawad reserves the right for appropriate legal redress including all such remedies against any damages caused by this event, should the FIR not be canceled?

Hamara Khayaal He Khula Tazad!

Being a responsible human being and above all a parent, we're sure that the Khan couple is fully aware and intelligent of such news and rubbish that gets shared online and also on the media. Plus, they also know how to take care of their kid's healthcare requirements, vaccinations, and checkups!

But the disturbing point is that our media is sleeping and have nothing to share other than bogus news that's not even true. Who is to be blamed for such actions? 

As Fawad has just boarded a flight and is unavailable for comments, we're looking forward to once he lands back and what he has to say on this piece of news.

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