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FIFA World Cup 2026 will take place in USA, Canada and Mexico

FIFA has announced its venues for 2026 Football World Cup. The world cup will take place in The USA, Canada, and Mexico in 2026. The bid was made by three countries, The United States, Canada and Mexico as “United” but they faced tough competition from Morocco.

All three North American countries had a strong competition from Morocco but won with 2/3 of the votes to win the hosting right in 2026

The united bid got 134 votes out of 203 votes in the event held in Russia prior to FIFA World cup 2018.

The United States of America will host 60 games while Canada and Mexico will host 10 games each. 

However, the FIFA world cup 2022 will be hosted by Qatar and they are working well to build great stadiums and to maintain all the hassle from security to people.

FIFA World Cup 2018 starts on 14th June in Russia. Here are 30 days of excitement, craziness, and passion for the game of Football. We smile, we cry, we stand together and we fall together. Every team has its unique style and fans celebrating in different ways.  It is not just a game but a way to live for people, a source of happiness and a reason to live.

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