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Finally TikTok Is Banned In India - Google & Apple Also Took It Down From Their Stores

Finally, TikTok is banned in India, and that too for all the valid reasons. Recently the Indian Supreme Court has ruled out the decision against TikTok.  

Even Google And Apple Have Disowned TikTok 

Tech giants Google and Apple have also removed TikTok from their app stores. And, this action happened immediately after the Supreme Court refused to put a stay on Madras High Court order. The stated order was asking the government to prohibit the download of TikTok. 

Chinese App, TikTok Under Fire

The Chinese social media app is extremely famous in Asian countries, and people love to make and upload videos. This Monday, on April 15th, 2019, Apple and Google were asked to comply with the latest order by the government and remove the app from their stores.

ByteDance’s Applications TikTok and Helo 

Both of these apps are quite famous in Indian teenagers from small towns. These Chinese apps are under fire as they have exposed kids and teenagers to a serious threat. The content is nude and focuses on pornography. 

Even countries like the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Indonesia have also brought these Chinese apps under the radar because of the low terms of making accounts and no age restrictions.

Let us see which other country is about to ban TikTok next!

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