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French Parliament banned Mobile phones in Schools.

The bill carries the agenda of President Emmanuel Macron, who had promised during his campaign of elections, that he would outlaw children’s phones in the nursery, primary and middle schools, until students of age around 15.

Phones are already banned in roughly 51,000 elementary schools and 7,000 junior high schools according to the legislation passed in 2010 states that children should not use phones in class, but due to its lack of implementation, this is introduced again. The name to this act is given as “detox measure” that required pupils in elementary and junior high school to keep their devices in bags or in lockers provided by the school administrations when they arrive at school in the same way that government ministers place their phone in a box before cabinet meetings. Do schools have such capacity to manufacture and provide a separate locker box to every single student is another question to be discussed?

The law was needed after the several complaints from the teacher regarding the usage of phones in the classrooms, creating disturbance and texting, chatting on social media during the class time. According to a local survey, every nine of ten students own a mobile phone in France. The issue somehow also tapped into the anxiety among several parents over how to limit their children’s screen time.

Group of girls using Phones


Education Minister called it a law for 21 century, a law for addressing the digital revolution, He said in parliament, being open and accessible to technology doesn’t mean that we should accept its all uses.

Head of the Macron’s Republic Richard Ferrand said that law would be accompanied through explanations and provided awareness of limiting phone use to student, He said when young people next to each other is seen in the playgrounds, they keep their eyes fixed on their phones.

However, the law does not codify any specific punishment for their use. The new law banned phone use by children in school playgrounds, at break-times and anywhere on school premises will begin from September 2018, but with that-lawmakers have noted the legal right to seize phones or non-dangerous belongings from the students, are not allowed by the teachers.

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