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Frozen Lakes a great adventure for the adventure lovers!

Adventure lovers, enthusiast and boat owners make the most out of the winter. Their actual fun begins when the river ices over. Iceboat racers enjoy the extreme winter conditions and adventurously ride on their miniature sailboats over frozen lakes.

Sailing and racing iceboats have become a modern day sports referred to as ‘ice yachting’. It is highly popular in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, the US, Norway, Austria, Canada Poland, Britain, and Germany. Its world recognition significantly bulged when it’s ‘Global Championship’ held in Europe was a great success.

Ice Yachting

Mini sailboats introduced in the 19th century; have been revamped with metal blades and adapted for ‘ice yachting’. A flat-bottomed three feet wide and sixteen feet long boat fastened with four steel runners is specially designed for the ice racers.

To ensure a safe and conducive environment for this sports, ice inspectors drill into the frozen lakes and use wind measuring equipment to ensure wind conditions are safe. Moreover, racers are also found decorating and customizing their boats hence adding spice and distinctness to their voyage.

Ice yachting in New York is thrilling as the racers can enjoy a speed of 40-80 miles per hour. Unfortunately, warmer winters have unpleasantly affected the fun of ice boat racers at the Atlantic Ocean by putting a full stop to this adventurous sports!

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