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Gadgets an addiction!!!

Gadgets are a must have for this generation. They are useful and harmful both in many ways. Our generation seems addicted to it. You see every other teenager and child busy in their phones or tablets.

Parents and teachers who look after kids should help them get over the addiction. It is observed that mostly kids do what they see their adults doing and today adults are also guilty of not being worried about the gadget etiquettes.

Child-gadget addiction is getting worse day by day.Outdoor play time is diminishing from the daily lives because every other child is glued to their phones.

Parents, often use devices to to tame the child and keep them busy. It should be a huge concern among parents and care takers because it comes with more bad affects then good ones.

Research also says that teenagers spend more than 6 hour on electronic devices that result in not enough sleep which leads to growth and behavior issues.

No company had yet admitted openly that their products are addictive. Most parents are also guilty of swiping their phones all the time. Practical measures should be taken by companies and parents to eliminate this addiction and to cut down the digital life for a healthy and happier future.


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