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Gen Bajwa Named 68th 'Most Powerful Person' In The World By Forbes

Pakistan's Army Chief of Staff Gen Qamar Bajwa has been included in the list of most powerful people in the world by Forbes. The Forbes Magazines has released the latest rankings of world's most powerful people in the world and Gen Bajwa was named the 68th most powerful man in the wolrd right now.  The listed contained the names of 75 personalities. 

To talk more about the rankings, the President of China Xi Jinping was listed the most powerful person in the world while Russian president Vladimir Putin was second and the American president Donald Trump has been named the 3rd most powerful man. 

Andaz Daily

It's a moment of great pride for the people of Pakistan and Armed Forces that a general has been included in this list. The Forbes also quoted Gen Bajwa is de facto the most powerful man in the nuclear armed state. The ranking has been released at the time when Pakistan and India are heading towards a peace treaty and Gen Bajwa has a crurcial role  in the very scenario. This ranking will boost the confidence and moral of the soldiers and other generals in Pakistan Army. 

The Forbes observed that Gen Bajwa has done a tremendous job of maintaining peace within the country when it is managing a complex relationship with the neigghbor India. Gen Bajwa has impressively come up with excellent strategies to curb terrorism and make sure Pakistan is terrorism free. He is the head of world's sixth largest army and has shown great support for democracy. 

Andaz Daily

The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is listed on number 9 while German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds the 4th spot and is the only women in top 10. Forbes reelases the rankings of internationally most powerful people and those people are listed whose actions mean the most. One person is choosen for every 100 million and there are 7.5 billion people but these 75 personalities have done a lot to make this world a better place. 

andaz daily

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