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German Ambassador Martin Kobler, winning the Pakistanis Heart and setting new examples.

Due to his recent tweets on 7 June, 6 June and 1 June 2018, he is again in the eyes and on the tongues of the Pakistani people all over the world. It would be unfair if we didn’t appreciate the efforts taken by Mr. Martin Kobler, the German ambassador to Pakistan, 70 years aged man who is serving the country here since 2017, is becoming  popular and famous among the nation due to his riveting tweets for the promotion of harmonious relations and good  image of Pakistan.

The tweet of the German ambassador noticed because of a continuous chain of tweets were noticed already since June 2018 and even in the previous year of 2017, on 7 June he posted a picture along with a glass of water in one hand and toothbrush in another hand, brushing his teeth, using hashtag #SaveWaterforPak and #SaveWater, he has written “Lots of people leave the water running while brushing their teeth. Using a cup of water instead can save a few liters every day!”

He has also highlighted the untreated sewage and plastic trash of Karachi, disposited in the Arabian sea causing a life-death situation for the marine life of Pakistan. In a tweet on 8 June 2018.

Another tweet on his account was seen on 1 June 2018, holding a bucket of water and while washing his Foxy car in just one bucket of water to give a message to save water. He has written, “#Pakistan ranks third amongst counties facing water shortage. One major reason is excessive use! 100 liters wasted washing a car with running tap water.. many ways to #SaveWater in our daily life! #SaveWaterforPak.”  

He was praised all over the country due to his campaign to save water, mentioning as Pakistan is the third country facing the insufficiency of water.

An experienced man, who remained as an ambassador in the country of Cairo, Baghdad, Libya, Egypt, and Iraq in his life. Martin Kobler who was born in 1953 in Germany, he is married, has three children is also seen in the country with his wife visiting the northern areas of Pakistan and promoting the tourism of Pakistan.

From visiting the locals at Iftar in Ramadan to visit the KPK former chief minister he has attained the fame in all ways and encouraging the positive image of the country.

He has also boasted the culture of Kalash valley as well, sharing the memories of his visit and promoted the #Chilimjusht festival.

He shared the biryani picture from Karachi, at a price of 170 rupees as the delicious meal he ever had, a unique mixture of the species aside with the mint-yogurt sauce, he said. He also visited the Peshawar without any security in September 2017, where he took a haircut from a local barber and ate the tasty mutton karahi and wonderful BBQ in the Namak Mandi area.

He has gained the attention of more than 40,000 followers on his Twitter page and settles a perfect example for the ambassadors of the world to promote affable relations among the nations and borders. He has also decided to paint his foxy in the Pakistani local truck art, art that we have witnessed at the local buses, truck, and even on rickshaw nowadays, for this, he drove to Rawalpindi and met the truck art artists to discuss the work on his car. At the end of the tweet on 6 June 2018, he asked: “Do you think it’ll look nice?”

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