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Get your big day rolling with these amazing hacks

Your big day is of course one of the most special days of your life so try to make it a perfect one with these amazing hacks. These surely are going to  help you as well as your friends to prevent myriad of things that may go wrong.

1. Use plastic high heel protectors

If you ever had an experience of walking on grass with heels then you might be aware of the struggle. To avoid this, try ordering a high heel plastic protector from any online store so that you walk confidently and comfortably on your big day.

2. Prepare well before the big day

Everyone plans well before their big day but a better practice would be to list down and hang it in your room to ensure that nothing is missed on your special day.

3. Slip proof your dance practice shoes

Dance practices are an essential part of the wedding so it’s better to avoid all risks of slipping away by scuffing the bottom of shoes with sandpaper. This will make the bottom of the shoes rough, increasing the friction and avoiding the risk of slipping while dancing.

4. Get rid of under eye –bags

Wedding preparations can stress you out which may result in toll in your energy level and hence under eye bags.. It is recommended to put some cold green-tea bags under your eyes for about 30 minutes to restore a fresh look.

5. Stock up on protection

If you are having an outdoor wedding then it is extremely significant to have a stock full of sunscreen and insect spray not only for you but for all the guests around.

6. Keep spare flats along

Wedding day can be hectic thus it is important to make sure that you have a pair of flats with you so that you could relax a bit.

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