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‘Happy City Birds’ Project has taken over Different Cities of Denmark and it is Mind Blowing!

Thomas Dambos – the mind behind the amazing project of ‘Happy City Birds’ – is redefining the meaning of street art with his thought-provoking approach of decorating streets with creatively built birdhouses. He is practically proving that street art is not only about tinting the walls with the graffiti, in fact; it can also be executed with worthy projects – just like by building birdhouses? Well, yes!

A beautiful sight of decorated Nordic counsel This all sprung in 2006 when Dambos was looking for another inspirational idea for street art which everybody can understand and ‘Happy City birds’ is undoubtedly the idea which even his grandmother can understand.

Beautiful houses for birds - free!

Since then,more than 3500 birdhouses have been built and some of them are a part of a big art project, while the rest have been spread all over different cities. 

The Christmas inspired workshop project for kids

The best part about these birdhouses is that they are built by recycled materials and scrap wood, which further glorifies the remarkability of this project.

A bird house made with the worn out skateboard

I mean, well, what can be better than a street art where the city surges with the beautiful hues and nature is also incorporated in this beautiful sight? Imagine experiencing amazingly designed art projects, beautifully colored birdhouses, and chirping birds while taking a stroll in the street or standing in your balcony. Isn’t it refreshing? Indeed!

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