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Hassan Minhaj Roasting Modi Is The Best Thing Of The Day!

Today is all about Hassan Minhaj.

The Indian created and located to America comedian has been the apple of our pie and to be honest, this is pretty much what we never expected to be true at all. 

Let us tell you why Hassan has been our heartthrob recently in much more desi way. 

The Guy Is A Cool Dude -- Mutlub K Behtreen He 

I mean obviously - by the looks of it - this guy is pretty cool and awesome! 

Like really cool!  

However, it is not his looks that have us our hearts bang on for him. 

Like literally. 

We're so much awestruck by his comedy timing with real-time facts. 

He didn't just roast the PM Modi of India, but honestly added in more lemon for our juice by sharing open facts and figures. 

OMG! You don't believe us? 

Here, check out the whole interview for yourself!


The Apple To Apple Comparison Made Us Go LOL!!!

Nahi suchi! 

Jokes were spot on but this guy made the great Modi-Trump comparison so chivalrously that even both of those two will be at a loss for words to even to shout at him.

The Trump being a tugger and Modi being a hugger line was the perfect slapstick antonym so far. 

Apart from the above, Trump saying, "We love the India, we love the Hindus!" are another awesome line to appreciate. 

Don't just let us spoil the fun. 

Go watch the interview on YouTube!  

Last But Not The Least 

Hassan being the Pakistani jasoos and then he himself adding in Iran, Qatar and many others as his main jasoosi supporters. 

And, referring himself as their jasoos was pretty cool.  

That being said, the guy actually tried to depict the current situation beautifully. 

Because like thousands of other Indian-Muslims and minorities, he too knows that the situation needs to be pacified a lot. And the tension is only creating a mess and nothing else. 

The Modi Sarkar has been nothing sort of trauma for India - and has so far only increased inflammation, health issues and minority killing in the country. 

Let us pray, things turn out to be better across the border for everyone. 

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