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Here are some tips of becoming a great photographer

1. Shoot in natural light

Artificial lighting is not recommended and it's best to shoot in natural light which improves photo quality to 100 times. Direct sunlight can spoil photography but can be balanced by the HDR setting. 

2. White backgrounds bounce lights

White backgrounds are the best reflectors and highlight figures well while shooting which may appear dark otherwise.  

3. Physically adjust the exposure while taking photographs

Exposure settings let you regulate the light intensity of your photo which enables you to capture good photos in super luminous or dim places.

4. Never use the zoom

To take close photos, zooming in is not a good idea as it lowers the quality. So, just try to capture photo from a closer angle. 

5. Capture several shots

Taking several shots is a preferred idea as it leaves you with options to choose the best one. 

6. Use spotlight if shooting in the a dark place

While taking photographs in the dark avoid using flash instead use a spotlight; maybe from your friend phone. You may regulate the intensity of the light by choosing the correct angle. 

7. Try shooting smaller things from above

Smaller things like food looks appealing when shot from an above angle, all you have to do is adjust the right distance of the camera and object. Angled positions won’t let you have spotless and nature’s eye style.

8. Only use appropriate filters 

Filters are not always good for photos. Just make minor manual edits to preserve the originality of the photographs. Photo editing apps can also be used which provide excellent editing options.  

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