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Here is how the royal Kate Middleton is similar to her mother-in-law

1. Diana and Kate both symbol Royalty. Diana Spencer was brought up in an honorable family and became renowned after she was married to Charles, the Prince of Wales. Kate's parents served the British Airways and started with a humble beginning until she married Prince William. 

2. Diana and Kate were professional and worked real jobs. Diana was a dance coach, babysitter and nursery associate whereas Kate was an auditor of a known attire store.

3. Both had the “wedding of the century” and wore many feet long off-white dresses on their Big Day. 

4. Both had a similar dressing style and idealised same taste in life. Diana and Kate both loved wearing Catherine Walker’s designer collection. 

5. Kate likes following Diana’s child raising example keeping her children always a priority. 

6. Both liked serving the community and are philanthropic to same extent. Diana struggled to highlight HIV/AIDS and leprosy to bring into spotlight and Kate works to battle mental illness in the society. 

7. They are loved and cherished universally and idealized as role models. 

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