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Here is the delicious-never tried before Dahi Baray recipe for iftar

Bored of the same menu at iftaar? 

Here we have the scrumptious and mouthwatering recipe of Dahi Baray for you.

We know that choosing outside food over homemade is a great challenge; as taste and health both are an equal priority.

You can make the delicious, popular desi Pakistani street food at home through this recipe without compromising over taste and hygiene.

Preparation time: 15 minutes 

Serves: 2-3 persons 


Tamarind Sauce 

-     Tamarind pulp ( soaked in 3 cups of water for an hour): 4 cups 

-    Water: 1 cup 

-    Salt according to taste 

-    Chaat Masala: 1 tsp 

-    Red chilli (powder and crushed form): 1 tsp each 

-    Ginger Powder: 1 tsp 

-    Sugar: 1 cup 

-    Jaggery Powder: 1.5 cup 


-    White lentil: 1.5 cup 

-    Yellow lentils: 1 cup 

-    Water: 2-3 tsp 

-    Baking soda: a pinch 

-    Salt: ¼ tsp 


-    Yogurt: 1 kg 

-    Corn Flour: 1 tbsp 

-    Salt according to taste 

-    Sugar: 3-4 tbsp 

-    Milk: 1 cup



Mix tamarind pulp and water in a big skillet and cook it for almost 15-20 minutes. After this, blend the mixture and add salt, chaat masala, red chillis, sugar, ginger powder and jaggery powder and keep it on medium flame for 12 to 14 minutes. Now the Tamarind sauce is ready. 

Mix yellow lentil with white lentil in a blender and gradually add water to make it a smooth paste. Take it out in a bowl, add salt and baking powder and mix well in one particular direction. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes. Then deep fry big-sized bhallas on medium flame and soak it in salted water for 15-20 minutes. Squeeze the bhallas before adding in yogurt. 

In a right-sized bowl, mix yogurt, salt, cornflour, sugar and milk. 

Place bhallas in a plate and sprinkle yogurt over it along with black salt, roasted cumin, red chilli powder, chaat masala, green chatni and tamarind sauce as per your taste and serve. 

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