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Here is the yardstick to know if you are with a GOOD MAN

1. He respects your individuality

Gentlemen always respects you for your individuality, for who you are. He never tries to mould you into someone else for his own satisfaction. 

2. He prefers intelligence over beauty

A clever man is the one who prefers your astuteness over your looks. He knows looks matter more than intelligence. 

3. He puts in an extra effort for the relationship

A gentleman is truly selfless as he is aware of the fact that love requires you to put in extra bit of effort. The ratio of give and take might get imbalanced and that’s surely not a big deal for him. 

4. He will never relinquish on you

A thorough gentlemen will never give up on you because he knows the significance of relationship. He will always be strong and believe in you despite of all the differences. 

5. He tries to make up for his mistakes

He will make mistakes because no one can be perfect but a true gentlemen is going to accept his gaffe and surely going to make up for his mistake. 

6. He is ingeniuous 

A gentlemen always believed on being honest and ingeniuous because he is well aware of the fact that a single lie will lead to a vicious cycle that may end up ruining the relationship. Thus he tries to give confidence to his partner to speak up truth in any circumstances. 

7. His past has nothing suspicious

His past is just like an open book where you know each and every bit of his life that has gone by. 

8. He never “portrays” as someone else

A thorough gentlemen is the one who never tries to portray someone else just to impress you. It is so because he knows that’s not true love, that’s just temporary infatuation which could prove deadly for a healthy relationship. 

9. He always keep realistic expectations from you

He is well aware of how you can do and he will always be on your back to do well. He is well aware that it hurts when you know you are unable to fulfil the expectations that your love has from you. 

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