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Here's why a football fan is cycling all the way from Iran to Moscow!

They say love knows no boundaries and that everything is fair in love and war. An Indian man proved it by cycling all the way from Iran to Russia for his love of the game, football.

Clifin Francis wished to travel to Russia to watch the FIFA World Cup but could not afford the expenses of air travel,  hence, he opted for the cheapest mode of travelling ; Cycling.

The South Indian began his journey by initially flying to Dubai on February 23. and from there he boarded a ferry to Iran.

Now from Iran, he is en-route Moscow which is 4200 km away, via cycling. As of now, Francis has reached the Russian city called Tambov which is 460 km south of Moscow.

He is expected to reach the capital by July 26 and watch the Denmark vs France battle, which is the only match he got tickets for.Francis is in love with both cycling and football and he has combined the two in his inspiring journey.

He dreams to meet Lionel Messi and get his autograph. His long and adventurous journey lands him an opportunity to meet one of the best footballers in the world.

Source: BBC News

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