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Here’s why girls should not stop meeting their friends post-marriage

It is said that sometimes being with your best friends is all the therapy you need. However, In Pakistani society, there is a wrongful trend that when girls get hitched, they are expected to cut-off their social circles and focus on their house hold and familial responsibilities. It is expected of them to cut off their friendships, and if a girl wants to maintain her friendships after getting married she is considered bold and irresponsible.  

I am totally against this concept and I believe that socializing and meeting friends is essential at every stage of life as it relaxes our minds. Moreover, it is also a great recreational activity. 

Here I am listing down five reasons why girls should keep meeting their friends even after tying the knot.


You always need some time to discuss issues specific to girls or married life that you cannot discuss with anyone other than your close girlfriends.


To socialize is every individual’s right. You are as human as your husband. If he has the right to go and hang out with his friends, you have the same too because you are as human as him.


After marriage, your responsibilities multiply and at times you need a break from your routine duties and kids. Meeting your friends is the best way to have a break and relax your mind of all worries and stress.

4.Reminiscing memories

It’s a great way to re-live your memories. Meeting friends takes you back in time and you get a good amount of laughter and jokes over the times you had spent together in school, college, neighborhood etc. Sometimes all you need after marriage is laughing your heart out and you get to do that only with friends.

5.Better partner

Trust me! instead of making you negligent towards your better-half, this occasional meet up with your friends will make you a better partner. You will get rid of all your anxieties and tensions by talking it out with friends and hence, you will return to your husband fully revitalized.

It is my request to all married girls not to get this right of socializing snatched from you at any cost because in the long run it will cause you a lot of mental harm.Don’t fight, but convince your spouse to let you meet your friends, at least once in a while, if not regularly.

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