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How important fermented food is for the gut

Healthy food and apt microbial activity are vital for a person’s good health. Adding fermentation to food items increases the probability of the release of chemicals which are known to be helpful for the body function.

Fermented foods undergo a process called ‘lacto fermentation’ which preserves favourable enzymes for the body, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B3 and probiotics. These foods are budget-friendly and last longer which aids digestion, improve immunity and allows better food absorption.

Fermented Food
Choosing a side order of fermented food options when visiting a restaurant is the best way to maintain a healthy gut. Fermented food options are divinely delicious which include miso loom large, pickles drenched in fermented juices and doenjang. Kampuchea, black tea also has splotches of microorganisms and fungi at its bottom.

Chocolate and sourdough are both endured with fermentation but the microbes are completely dead by the time it is served. Still these are highly recommended as this food begins breaking down into constituents before the stomach initiates its digestion process.

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