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How motherhood completes your life in the most beautiful way? Hadiqa Kiani reveals her journey

Hadiqa Kiana is one of the biggest and most popular pop music sensations of Pakistan. After the legendary Nazia Hassan, it is truly Hadiqa who has managed to get that sort of fame and stardom. But it feels great to know that our favorite superstars are just as human and humble as we would like them to be! Hadiqa is an educated, powerful young woman but the one thing that defines life for her is: Motherhood.

Hadiqa Kiani made headlines when she adopted a newborn baby boy after the deadly earthquake in October 2005. Whist the natural disaster took many lives, there were a few lucky survivors and the newborn baby boy was one of them. Everyone in Pakistan and around the world was dedicated to help the survivors in any possible way imaginable. Hadiqa is known to have a heart of gold and she never misses a chance to serve humanity too. So Hadiqa was very keen to work alongside Eidhi Foundation and provide aid to the victims in all ways possible.

However, this was also when she was going through a very tough and hard time on the personal front. Hadiqa was freshly out of divorce and was struggling to get her life back together. 

She had many regrets from her broken marriage but the one thing that really bothered her was that may be she won’t be able to become a mother in life. This was a haunting thought because motherhood was a journey she wanted to embark on as soon as possible. This is when she decided to take the brave decision to adopt a baby.

In a recent interview with Samina Peerzada, Hadiqa revealed how she wanted to adopt a boy and even had a name in her mind – Naday Ali. Life has its plans. This was just before the earthquake had struck Pakistan. Adoption was far from her mind when she was serving the survivors in all possible ways. This was until during this time, she received a phone call from Bilqees Eidhi.

She reached the Eidhi foundation thinking that her help was needed in the aid. Her mother accompanied her. This is when she found out that a baby boy who was just a few days old had survived the disaster but none of his family was living any more. The baby was up for adoption and Bilqees Eidhi put the baby in Hadiqa’s lap.

This was the day when Hadiqa became a mother to Naday Ali. Today, her boy is 12 years old and Hadiqa is playing the role of a doting mother the best way she can. This was a blessing two-sides and truly a heart-warming story.

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