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How to Eat your Favourite Foods and Still Lose Weight

Eat your Favourite Foods and Lose your Weight

Trying to control your diet, usually means cutting out some of your favorite and yummiest food.  What if it was possible to lose weight and keep eating the food you love?

Restricting food that you enjoy can make you want them more. Potentially, eliminating all your healthy eating efforts. There are some ways in which you keep your favorite food in your diet.

Fried foods:

Deep fried foods are unhealthy, as they are coated with bread crumbs and then fried in oil. They soak up a lot of oil which in result increases the calories in your diet. Instead, try a trick and use your oven! This is how you can fit a fried food in your diet.

With light bread coating and spray of oil and an oven, you will get a crispy, delicious “fried” food without adding a lot of calories in your diet. From Crispy chicken, French fries, onion rings to samosas, you can have them all!  Especially in Ramadan this is the best way to keep your digestive system all healthy.


Nuts are high in calories, but they are not fattening at all. Nuts are rich in protein and contain healthy fats that can help you starve.

If you eat a half cup of walnuts every day for months you won’t gain weight. Since nuts are high in calories so you may want to measure them rather than eating a handful.


Pasta is considered as one of the unhealthiest food when it comes to weight loss.  Eating too much of anything is bad for health, anyways. 

One way to keep pasta in your diet is to use a” whole grain” pasta instead of a regular pasta. Try to fill out your pantry with whole grain foods as it contains more protein and less carbs. This will help keep your stomach full. The other way is to use plenty of vegetables, the more green and colorful your plate is the better it is for your health.


Thinking about giving up on chocolates? FORGET ABOUT IT! For some people chocolates are a favorite thing to eat especially when it comes to their sweet cravings. The fact that they are sweet, and creamy makes you want them even more. Small amounts of chocolate is the secret behind losing weight.

Dark chocolates contain heart healthy antioxidants and are widely used for decreasing body fat as it controls your appetite and cuts craving. 

This is the perfect way of enjoying your food and still manage to keep yourself maintained and healthy.

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