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How to get rid of white bumps on lips

Features are the most prominent thing people notice after a physical appearance. Soft and velvety lips make personality more attractive. A tiny bump on lips can affect one’s appearance.

The bumps usually have white colour and can pop on either lip and sometimes on both upper and lower lip. Bumps may vary in sizes and types.

It is painful and makes the texture of lips dried which cause itchiness. If a lump is originated due to infection then it might disperse around whole lips.

It is not something we should worry about. We can treat it at home easily and it vanishes in few days. if the injection is not going away and gets worst after a span of time then seeing a doctor is a preferable option.

The reasons of blisters on lips:

Following are the root causes of having white scars on lips;

Cold sores:

A bunch of small lumps appear across the lip line due to fever. It turns the surface of lips into red colour and a bit swelling is also felt. Bump contains a small amount of pus which comes out once it pops. It is highly contagious.

Canker sores:

Canker sores are a kind of ulcer which may appear on lips, inner cheeks and tongue. It hits age bracket of 10-20. The appearance of cold sores and canker sores are alike and often people get confused between both. They differ in causes, people have to look into the origin to find out the type of infection. The roots of canker sores are stress, deficiency of vitamin B-12 etc.


Sometimes it occurs like an acne on face. The reasons for appearing blister are not using hygienic products and hormonal imbalance. It goes away with the time.

Bacterial infection:

Expired cosmetic products like lipstick and lip balm may cause bacterial infection. After using, a red tiny bump shows up on lips due to infection.

Contact Allergies:

Chemical used in toothpaste, lip colour sometimes causes an allergic reaction on lips. People rarely face this issue, it leaves the surface of lips patchy.


Milia is a cluster of spots usually showed up among newbies. Although, it hits either age group. It appears when the flow of blood is not sufficient.


Sun exposure leads to dehydration and it can easily be seen on a face in the form of scars and acne. Scars caused by sunburn can easily move away in few days.

Treatment of Blisters on lips with Natural ingredients:

We can easily get cured of bumpy lips by using following home remedies:

Ice pack:

An ice pack is an easy yet effective way of getting rid of red patchy lips. A cube of ice works wonders. It decreases the flow of blood on affected area cools down the inflammation and leaves skin normal and smooth.

Hot steam:

It is also an easy method to remove blemishes on lips. It reduces the swelling and pain on lips.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree has a property to treat various skin diseases. it works as an antiseptic on scars and heals skin damage after 4-5 application. It can directly be applied to an affected area. It is not recommended for infants, toddlers and people having skin allergies.


Applying a pinch of salt on lips or other affected areas helps in reducing the inflammation and pain of bump. It works as an anti-bacterial agent.

Gentle brush on the bumps:

We are often left with food particles on lips if not washed properly. After a while, it gives birth to bacteria and blemish appears with irritation. Using a soft brush to exfoliate lips may help in getting rid of small scars.

Moreover, maintaining a hygienic lifestyle keep us away from various diseases. we should clean mouth after having each meal, avoid using other’s personal stuff, keep ourselves hydrated and avoid oily food. for instance, if skin disorder occurred then following home remedies would be the first priority but if it's not curing within a week then seeing a doctor would be recommended.

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