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How to spend your Ramadan without Gaining Unwanted Fat

There is certainly no doubt about the fact that Ramadan is always full of blessings and unlimited perks. We not only receive goodness in terms of spirituality. However, this month also allows us to work out on our body by consuming those things which could help us in staying healthy and fresh.

Well Asian cooks don’t really believe in incorporating healthy items into their Iftar menu because we are always high on deep fried pakora's, sugar loaded Jaam-e-Shiren is our life and we are definitely super lazy to move our body for gaining the fat which we have gained just in a matter of 30 minutes or less

Trust me, if the problem remains the same then, it is probable that soon you will start gaining few Kgs and you might look like a grown-up version at this sweet Eid.

Traditional Iftar Table 


So what's the Ultimate Solution?

For making your life excessively simpler, we tried some effective tips which could easily fit into your traditional menu or is also capable of reducing the probable amount of fat which you will be having till EID.

Some Effective Tips for Iftar 

If you are really not interested in changing your current Ramadan Iftar plan and still you want to lose some extra weight then, here are the details for you.

  • You surely need to give up on your traditional iftar drink which is indeed loaded with numerous preservatives and added sugar.

Honey and Lemon Drink


It’s time to add little lemon and honey-touch to your primary iftar drink. If you are looking for the healthy alternative which could satisfy your thirst need and could boost your metabolism by cutting on the major chunk of fat then, we would recommend you to go for the chilled drinks which are made while using honey or lemon. Honey will satisfy your sugar needs while lemon will keep you refreshed for the entire time. You can make some Lemon-mint lemonade or could go for simple chilled lemon juice.

  • Time to Skip Sugar for your Fruit Chat 

Fruity Fruit Chat


If you are really not interested in skipping your daily dose of fruit chat (well you shouldn’t either) then, you must consider skipping the amount of sugar. Trust us, fruit chat will taste a lot better without sugar. If you can’t live without it then, we would recommend you to reduce the quantity from one teaspoon to ½ because this will make a huge difference.

  • Reduce the Quantity of Pakora’s and Fried Items 

Delicious Pakora's


We totally understand the fact that skipping on some Pakora’s and fried items is the toughest thing possible. However, we believe that you can do it without any difficulty. The excess amount of Pakora's not only added up to the calories. However, they make you lazy too. So if you are used to of using 10 Pakora’s at Iftar then, try to reduce it to 5 and if you are eating 5 Pakora’s then, reduce it to 3.  

If you are ready to follow the stated plan then, be ready to witness some incredible results. For more effective results, you can also add some exercises into your diet plan

So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tips right away. What are your views? Make us aware of your views by leaving your comments below in the comment section.

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