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Imran Ashraf Is Winning Hearts For What Reason?

We understand how important it is for the celebs to stay in the headlines to garnish publicity. 

But, what we don't understand is how they openly share comments on the other celebs and still wish to get away with it in peace? 

Recently, Firdous Jamal has been in the media rounds because earlier he trashed Mahira Khan, and now Imran Ashraf

However, we are again back to ground zero, as we are confused as to why would a senior try to not boost the confidence of his juniors? 

Read What Firdous Jamal Said

The above doesn't make any samjh to our naasamjh deemag. 

Because if we look at it, the character Bhola falls under some of the best performances of our TV world. 

And, Imran Ashraf has outdone himself. 

But, Firdous Sahab being the bada of our TV fraternity, ensured k kuch na kuch galat zaroor kahien. 

That Being Said Lougoun Ne Bhi Pasand Na Kia!

Like we said above, the character Bhola falls under some of the most loved characters. And, people were obviously and at this controversial attitude towards Imran Ashraf. 

But, What Won The Public?

Imran's reaction of course. 

The guy is not only a marvelous actor but also a humble human being. 

See below how he is taking care of the whole muamla.

Our Awaam Loved This Statement!

They Further Showered Lots Of Pyaar

Kuch Ko Lga K Media Mein Rehna Aa Gaya!

And, Others Say - This Shouldn't Have Happened At All!

Of course, this shouldn't have happened. 

Positive criticism is welcome always. 

But, the way you praise or demoralize your own - doesn't count as something that can be appreciated. 

Seniors like Firdous Sahab should always be praising with a lighter amount of critics. And, juniors should be patient like Imran. 

Let us know what you think of the overall public reaction. 

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