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Imran Khan’s PTI Has Revamped Health Sector in KPK And The World Is Admiring It

KPK was once the wildest, most devastated and an impoverished province. There was only terrorism until Imran Khan’s PTI took in-charge of the province and did what the world is admiring now. PTI has always stood for the poor, the ignored and believes people are way more important than services. Khan, who runs the party, has always stressed the government must spend more on people than anything else. This dream seems coming true, but only in KPK.

A writer from Lahore conducted a research on health services and improvements in KPK and he was extremely impressed. He even went to say all other provinces of Pakistan should follow the footsteps of KPK governments. He further added PTI is a real disappointment for its supports and fans because the party has not effectively told the rest of Pakistan about one of its biggest success. Unlike other political parties, PTI believes more in actions than words. 

Khan has always been a target of severe criticism of what his party has done in KPK. Today, a report from The Economist titled as “Imran Khan’s party improves services in the wildest province of Pakistan” is a slap on everyone’s face who believed in what Pakistan’s paid media outlet showed the people. Party has done more than we have been told or shown on media. PTI has delivered in the wildest province of Pakistan and we are happy that people over there are living dream lives. 

The research by a Lahore based writer highlighted the biggest success of KPK government during PTI tenure. It reads that KPK government initiated a health reform with the name of “Sehat Sahulat Programme” is offering free health services to the people. According to this initiative, any resident of KPK province can spend up to Rs540,000 annually on their health expenses. This is really big and proves that everyone in the province can get best health services in the best private health clinics in KPK. Imran Khan’s ideology has been to channelize the sources and invest on people and his party is just doing that. 

PTI has never been in government before that but the naïve team of PTI has done a better job than the experienced team in Punjab. CM Punjab Shahbaz has is a man of words but no actions. He believes more in showcasing what he is not good at. During his fifteen-year tenure as CM Punjab, he would have done a lot better if he was not corrupt and believed in pump and show. 

Let me make it even clear with editorial of The Economist. The paper has documented all the facts, details and achievements PTI has not shown on media. There was a dramatic decrease in corruption cases, the party fulfilled its promise of building finest hospitals, PTI constructed schools and provided all the modern facilities, Imran Khan directed its party to revolutionize the police system in KPK and they also build over 200 small damns that provide power to over 200,000 people in Northern areas. 

Now, every second person, whether educated or not, seems demanding better health services and education for their children. This awareness is the outcome of Imran Khan’s efforts and educating people that corrupt mafias rule over them. People are more conscious now than ever and all the credit goes to Khan for letting people of Pakistan stand for their rights. 

This dream of One Pakistan, finest hospitals with all modern health services, quality education and justice system may come true very soon if we make right use of our votes. KPK is the province where no political party managed to make governments 2nd times but all surveys prove PTI is going to rule over KPK once again and this because of their performance. And it’s obvious KPK will be a province with all the best services only in next five years. We need to let PTI take in-charge of whole Pakistan and make Pakistan a great country. 

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