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India Listed the Most Dangerous Country for Women in 2018 Poll

India is now the worst place for women in the world. A new study by Thomas Reuters Foundation has found out that India ranks first in the link of most dangerous countries for women. The foundation carried out study after seven years, first in 2011, to see how the situation has changed. 

In the previous study carried out in 2011, Pakistan was ranked 3rd on the list while India was on 4th spot. However, the most recent survey by the foundation in 2018 showed India has become the worst and most dangerous country for women. Pakistan is on 6th spot this time where the other countries are as follows: India (1st), Afghanistan (2nd), Syria (3rd) , Somalia (4th), Saudi Arabia (5th), Pakistan (6th), Democratic Republic of Congo (7th), Yemen (8th), Nigeria (9th) and the USA (10th). 

According the research, Thomas Reuters Foundation approached over 548 expert policy makers, NGO experts, academics, and health workers for the survey. The six key parameters used in the study are healthcare, discrimination, cultural traditions, sexual violence, non sexual violence and human trafficking. 

The study found that the world’s 2nd most populous country, India, with 1.3 billion population ranked first when it comes to the worst countries for women. The research also noted there was 40% increase recorded in violence cases against women. 

Thomas Reuters Foundation research concluded that world leaders have vowed to eliminate violence against women by 2030. It was estimated that one in three women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. Child marriage is rife and 750 million women are married before they celebrate their 18th birthday. 

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