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Innovative Biscuits Educates Children about Deforestation!

Amidst the rising social issue of unrestrained deforestation and its evils, Innovative Biscuits, one of the leading biscuit manufacturers, has initiated a very unique approach. Earlier this year, a new campaign, Jumbo Junior, was launched, which became one of the best-selling energy biscuits in town for children.

Led by the captivating loveable young rhino, Jumbo Junior himself, the campaign started off with an animated advertisement highlighting the evils of deforestation. By showing its consequences of various animals, the ad manages to give an insight into the social issue as well as create an emotional experience for the children to connect to. 

In addition to playing a socially responsible role, Innovative Biscuits has also initiated to address the children about issues regarding the future of their country. The brand manager commented: “We realize that we need to take children on board at a young age, to try and embed in them early in their lives, the idea of environmental protection for their future.”

This does not end here! In order to further convey their message to their target audience, Innovative biscuits didn’t just stop at the commercial launch but also set up activation programs at various different schools for the children. Jumbo Junior would himself make an appearance at each of the schools and recreate and imitate the same commercial idea through a live play by portraying the animals’ distress. This was followed by seed plantation program set up by Innovative Biscuits themselves. This would then be physically carried out with the help of the children all across the country. Thousands of saplings have been planted in countless schools throughout Pakistan.

As expected, the new campaign by the Innovative Biscuits has proven to be a great hit and has accomplished its aim of reaching out to who they intended to address- the children. It has gathered interest from many people far and wide bringing the brand uncountable support and recognition.

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