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Instagram to Pose a Competing Threat to YouTube; Yes or no?

In a recent update by Instagram, the IGTV has been introduced which is a longer form of video content that can be posted by the Instagram users, or say, creators. This will mainly prove to be a platform where the users have their own channel which allows them to post videos longer than 60 seconds, and that, too, vertically; which means no more neck tilting or phone rotates. 

This initiative of providing channels to different users, poses a simple question in everyone's minds; isn't this similar to the Google-produced YouTube channel? Then yes, we thought so too. 

According to Antoine Bouchacourt, the Vice President Asia, Shootsta, has similar views but confronts the development with a rather diplomatic response; "The fight is definitely on between the two Internet giants", further adding that, Instagram has always proven to be the most understanding when it comes to video content for its users, "than any other platform".

Furthermore, as statistics show how mobile screen-time use has increased in the previous years till date, Instagram has a leveraged advantage of already providing its users a vertical video view which is quite unusual in any other platform (YouTube, in this case)

However, on the other side of the debate is the viewpoint that the IGTV do not allow for a search of content, rather just the available IGTV channels and this is what gives YouTube a better position as compared to Instagram.

YouTube has been a game changer in this video content position which is quite difficult to be achieved by Instagram IGTV as of now, because it is new and still needs time to reevaluate its content viewing options. However, a plus point to the argument is in favor for the bloggers and influencers on Instagram, who are now able to post in-detailed videos which, previously, they were unable to do.

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