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Iqra Aziz On Being The "Ghareebon Ki Ariana Grande!”

Since the LSA 2019 evening, our dear old Iqra Aziz is being roasted for all the wrong reasons. 

Let us just say the PDA by Yasir Hussain and she wasn't appreciated. 

Similarly, an online publication has just called "Ghareebon Ki Ariana Grande!”

Why "Ghareebon ki Ariana Grande?”

For starters why don't you check the below pic and then we can break the news to you. Below is beauty Deepika.

And Also Check This One

The cheeky Ariana Grande.

Now, Look At Iqra - Do You Find Any Resemblance? 

Mila Kuch milta julta aapko with Iqra's hairstyle?

And, Just For All The Nakal Wala Hair Style - Mutlub K Kuch Bhi!

And, this biased remark to similar hairstyles wasn't appreciated by our dear darling Asim Azhar as well. 

He didn't like that tack even a bit. And, to be honest - we are also furious. 

The singer commented under the so-called post of "Gareeboun ki Ariana Grande, this is what he wrote:

“It’s okay if you don’t like someone or their work. It’s okay to have opinions. But one thing I don’t get, when will we stop degrading OUR people? OUR stars? Things like these will never stop us from degrading our own self. Hum khud hi apnay aap ko itna neecha dikhate hain. ‘Ghareebo ki yay, Ghareebo ka wo’?! Firstly, is it that bad to be poor? Matlab gaali hai koi? Dusri baat, apnay logo ko hi itna neecha dikhana hai Aur Phir kehtay hain aagay kyun nahi bhartay hum. You don’t have to like someone forcefully but comparing & degrading your own artists like this is self-destructing. I always try to keep my opinions & thoughts to myself but I’ve been seeing this ridiculous trend a lot now. I hope we change.”

Let us know what you think about all of this so-called drama?

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