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Is Minal Khan hospitalized after fainting on her set?

It is not unusual for rumors to be spread about celebrities. This is one of the basic ways they are mostly kept in the news. It is not important for these rumors to always be true. They are true at times but in most cases, false as well.

Minal Khan was recently targeted with such false news as well. On the 5th of Ramadan, false rumors set the social media abuzz that Minal had indeed been hospitalized in a serious condition to a hospital after she fainted on the sets. People all around were quick to bring in their comments on the matter. Whilst there was a genuine concern for Minal that could be seen, there was a lot of criticism on the matter that she had actually fainted because of fasting and over working in extreme heat and humid conditions of Karachi. Some sources also reported that Minal had been admitted to the hospital after complaining of unbearable pain in her kidneys. Of course, the news made Minal Khan fans and well-wishers feel so worried for her.

When she heard about the news, Minal was quick to take to her official Instagram account to tell her fans that she was perfectly fine and it was just another fake rumor that was spread about her.

It is unfortunate though that the celebrities we idolize are often targeted with false news regarding their lives from their fans. But at the end of the day, a celebrity is a public entity and hence, there is no way to put a stop to such rumors in any way.

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