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Israeli Court gives a go ahead to use live fire against protesting palestinians

What can be worst then the recent decision taken by the court of the hostile country. The petition was submitted in front of the three-panel judge which was also accompanied along with the military officials. 

The petition was filed on 23 April by the Adalah and Al mezan the human rights organization monitoring the massacre happening in Gaza strip since 30 March. The protest had so far taken the life of at least 115 people including children and women, thousands of others are seriously injured and hospitalized, nearly 60 were assassinated on 14 May .May 15, was the 70th anniversary of the ‘Nakba’, The day when Palestinians were thrown into exile after the creation of Israel in 1948.

A wounded Palestinian is being evacuated on 17 May from Gaza Protest


The demonstrators reached at the high number after the United States action of opening its embassy in Jerusalem. Adalah and Al mezan clearly stated in its both petition that the use of fire is illegal action against the protestors, the  court rejecting unanimously the appeal while stating,there is a real danger for the Israeli soldiers and citizens. It further said the demonstrators are mixed with ‘Hamas’ that is a terrorist outfit.

Protest outside the Israeli Embassy at Dublin


The court also refused to watch any video clips and documentary in which Israeli soldiers are shooting the protesters and fully accepted the claims presented by its State. People slammed this decision of the court on Thursday as the misuse of authority. 

Refusing these videos mean is to refuse the fundamental  right of the demonstrators and the testimonies of the wounded and injured one, that is the broad and factual figure in actual. The court allowed the Israel military to continue the use of ammunition and sniper which, according to them it is an act of self-defense against the unarmed Palestinians as it was presented by the Israeli army to defend its actions.  

The defense minister of the Israel,Avigdor Lieberman appreciated the decision of the court through his tweet.

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