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It is officially Gemini season! Here are all the reasons you should love them AND hate them!

People born from May 21 to June 22 fall under the zodiac sign – Gemini. As we have now officially entered the Gemini season; we thought it would be nice to pay a little tribute to all the Geminis out there. There are many personality traits and sides to a Gemini. Some personality traits make you love them so much and others would make your cringe to the soul. So in honor of the Gemini season, let’s find out everything you should LOVE and HATE about Gemini.

Love Geminis because…

They are so creative and intellectual. They personality of a Gemini is very curious and this is what makes them very interesting people themselves. They are constantly full of questions, looking for answers. So it is unlikely you will ever get bored in the company of a Gemini because they always have an interesting debate to start.

A Gemini is very observant and alert. They are constantly aware of their surroundings and know fully whatever is happening around them. So don’t expect them to be ignorant if you talk about them behind their backs. They even have eyes on their back!

Don’t expect a Gemini to lie to make you happy. A Gemini is brutally honest and hence, they will always be honest to your face about everything. But it is a good thing. They would want to make you happy with the truth rather than soothe you with a lie. In the long run, honesty wins. So no complains there!

A Gemini is very realistic. They do not believe in living in a bubble but rather are very practical in their approach to life. They are the real deal, real people.

Hate Geminis because…

Let’s be honest. Geminis have the tendency to be very deceiving. They might show themselves to be something but in reality be something completely different. They often claim to be secretive but this is more deceptive than anything else!

They have ZERO control over their emotion and they are not known to come with a mouth filter. So basically, you will see a Gemini lash out more than often because they cannot just keep it in. And when angry, you cannot expect them to be kind. It is not likely to happen. They are very blunt with their words to a point that it can become hurtful. Ouch!

One of the worst things about Geminis is lack of commitment. Since they are so curious and never easily satisfied, it is not uncommon for Gemini to get bored of their life as it is and this includes everything from job to relationships. So commitment is one thing that a Gemini evidently cannot make. 

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