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Japanese Fans clean up stadium after 2-1 Victory against Colombia

Japanese shook the world by turning all the odds and swiping aside Colombia at the World Cup 2018 – first ever World Cup win of Asia against South America and Japan’s first World Cup triumph on European land. It was indeed surprising, but what was even more amazing was what Japanese fans did after their historic feat: they stayed to clean the remains of their celebration.

This is not for the first time that Japanese have given an insight into their refined cultural fringes, as spectators saw the same sight at World Cup 2014 in Brazil after a 2-1 defeat to Ivory Coast. But this time it was different! It surely was different because fans had travelled all the way to Russia to witness a historic moment and a wild party scene was waiting for them outside the stadium, it would have been difficult to tame the gush of excitement. But what they chose over partying was their good manners!

Fans had brought rubbish bags along, and as they moved to and from between the rows while picking paper bags and rappers, stadium saw another victory: the victory of manners of Samurai Blue’s supporters.

A number of clips capturing this fantastic moment have gown viral, and Japanese fans are earning widespread applause.

Some are considering it a perfect example of ideal fan behaviour at the tournaments, while others are tagging it as their favourite moment of World Cup.

Japanese supporters have set an inspiring example for other teams’ supporters as well, as following the day Senegal supporters were also seen sweeping the stadium after the sensational sweep of Poland by the West African nation – Senegal.

Though it is imprecise that either Senegal’s supporters followed the bandwagon or are equally considerate, but this is what world needs to learn...

...and people are in awe.

This trend has proved that football is not only about defeat or victory, goals or records; it is also about bringing together different shades of the world to form a more vibrant tint.

Japan and Senegal are set to face-off each other on Sunday, and along with the match among players on the field, now match of cleanliness is also expected among the fans. May the best team win in either of the case!

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