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Jemima to sue Reham's book if published in UK

Imran Khan's former wife Jemima Gold Smith announced on  Wednesday that she would sue if Reham Khan s book was published in the England

In her latest tweet, Jemima said that on Reham Khan s book she has been assured that it s too libellous to be published in the UK.

Jemima went on to say that if it is published in the UK, she will be suing for defamation and breach of privacy on behalf of my (then) 16-year-old son and in relation to the moronic, re-hashed Zionist conspiracy theories," she said in her tweet.

Reham Khan is set to release her book soon, she Married Imran Khan who is a World Cup-winning cricket captain, and claims to lift the cloak on their intimate relationship, with salacious allegations about their private and intimate life, and accusing the former cricket hero of infidelity..

Reham allegedly said in her book that  Imran is not ‘Sadiq and Amin‘ (honest and righteous), as he kept his third marriage to faith healer Bushner Maneka under wraps for two months. Ever since the manuscript of her book has been leaked online, she has faced  hate and several PTI leaders have accused Reham of being part of an “agenda” ahead of Pakistan’s general elections on July 25.

The couple got married in 2015 which could last only a year to get  divorced acrimoniously. With Pakistan going to the polls on July 25, the book could pose a threat to his hopes of at last seizing the premiership.

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