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Jub Kaptaan He Tou Kia Darr He – This is What Happens When You Have A Sensible And Equally Handsome Leader!

The situation at hand is somewhat like this, we Pakistani’s and our handsome kaptaan want to have #peace and #saynotowar. 

But our neighbors and the oh so no serious #darlingmodi wants to prolong the situation at hand. 

However, this being said – we know what is laudable and what is not. 

And we, Andaz Daily, totally second our PM @ImranKhanPTI that yes WAR ISN’T THE SOLUTION. 

Let us tell you how everyone is lauding at the situation so far. 

International Media Lost Its Marbles And So Did We 

Yes. And that’s extremely true in this case. 

Recently, Trevor Noah – the host of ‘The Daily Show’ on Comedy Central made some hilarious jokes on the current situation. 

We don’t wanna make this go unnoticed, so here is the clip for you to laugh out loud. 

Modi Playing With Sensitive Topic For Votes!

Yeh ek aur khatarnaak baat he, but now its international media who says that Modi is playing with sensitive issues. 

And trying to secure himself by playing with the life of people of his country. 

We also second this as so far IK has tried his level best to connect with Sarkar @narendramodi magar yeh bhai sahib tou phone uthana gunnah samjhty hein.

Whereas, We Agreed To Return The Captive Pilot 

Yes, we tried to resolve by showing our care. 

Magar Indian Politics ko koi khaas kushi nahi lgtii.  Yesterday, Pakistan released the IAF pilot Abhinandan. This ceremony took place according to the international requirements of releasing a war captive. The Wing Commander was sent to India via Wagah border. 

Aub Bhi Kaho Gae K Pakistan Bura He?

So far everything has been under control because Imran Khan played the situation at hand well. This is something we all agree, salute and appreciate. 

Reason being is, that we both – India and Pakistan are nuclear empowered and cannot win the race by defeating each other. This will only bring loss, destruction, and death. 

Whereas, with humanity ad peace we can win over another thousand prosperous and successful years. Aaoo apne apne gulshan buchaoo Indi and Pakistan!

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