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Kashmir Cooking Oil Comes With A Tabdeeli Twist In Its New Ad

Being a Pakistani, you all will agree that we all follow some huge oh-no-so-worthy stereotypes.

Let it be “Loug kya khein ge” – “Haw Haee yeh kese krlete ho” – or plain simple – “tum ladkiyan tou bus shadi krke aglee ghar jane k lea ho” – type statements. 

No matter what, these usual norms of our society are the main cause of no fun just run type of our life. 

However, now as Millennial are taking over and so is the changing mindset – we are betting that soon we will be in a stereo-free society – Insh AA Allah. 

Anyhow – Hum Baat Kar Rhe Thee Kashmir Cooking Oil Ki

G haan! 

Jahan baat hou khanae ki wahan hum kese bhool sakte hein Kashmir Cooking Oil ko? 

As far as we see, our childhood days were full of ads from Kashmir Cooking Oil, and the food mania it used to bring and is still presenting till date. 

Fun n food with us Desi’s go hand-in-hand.  

Nevertheless, the taste and the shook to khana was all a benchmark set by Kashmir Cooking Oil. 

No wonder hamari mama jan aaj bhi humein he kosti hein aalsii keh keh k. 

This New Ad Is What We Call A Tabdeeli 

Lou g, yeh bhi koi baat he ignore hone wali. 

You get to see the tall dark and handsome Ali Zafar with the sensational Maya Ali changing the hordes that men can cook too. 

And, yes guys also can use cooking as a tool to win back a roothi huwii biwi! 

Don’t believe us? 

Here, have a look at the new ad yourself and tell us if we’re wrong! 


Why Are We Being So Fussy?

Jaante thae hum k yeh sawaal aaap k deemaag mein ghoom raha ho ga. 

Magar baat sirf itni he that if you look at the story of this ad from Team Andaz Daily k point of view see – then you’re hell bound to agree. 

Apart from all those tasty dishes and Ali Zafar ke koobsoorat Bahanaee about #KhaanaTohBahanaHai

and making up to his lady love to the way #KashmirCookingOils changes the whole concept of roothnaa and manaaana. 

And we do agree that it makes a lot of sense by all means. We’re simply swept off our feet just because a guy behaved nicely and caring towards his lady interest – instead of being just a jerk!

Now Kashmir Cooking Oil Is Also Breaking-Off The Stereotypes! 

Desi tareke see boolein tou Kahmir ne lagayaa he aslii tadka. 

What with khaanaa, bahana and also the stereotype killing of the difference between men and women. 

Kashmir Cooking Oil has quickly topped the charts of love and humanity overall. 

As normally brands this big, just showcase who, what and why their product is the best. 

This is now only that brands have started focusing on delivering messages and concepts to civilize the community through actions. 

Appreciate Kashmir Oil Company for being the first of its kind to do so!  

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