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Keke challenge: Getting People Arrested!!!

Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ has lately given rise to a challenge known as the ‘Keke challenge' which is being attempted by hundreds of people around the world. We can see videos of people jumping out of a moving car and then dancing as the music plays in the background.  As this challenge has gone on to become viral, many people have been injured while taking on the challenge. 

In one instance, a woman was robbed while she was dancing, while some dancers tripped over potholes and some even fell out of their cars. As a result, police all over the world has warned people about the dance challenge and that they will face criminal charges if they try to attempt it.

According to Khaleej Times , a woman in Saudi Arabia has also been arrested and UAE police have fined her Dh 2000. 

Apart from the people, there are videos of animals doing the challenge as well, which speaks about the extent that the challenge has gone viral.

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