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Key personalities abandon Qatar in Gulf crisis

Many key figures have severed ties with Qatar which adversely affects the yearlong Qatari struggle to improve relations with its neighbors. Recently, a Syrian entrepreneur, Joey Allaham, who had been helping Qatar politically in strengthening its ties with American Jewish community has severed ties with Qatar. In reversing his position, Allaham stated that Qatar stance that it promotes peace and prosperity in the region cannot be furthered.0Nick Muzin, who worked as an advisor to Senator Ted Cruz, has also cut ties with Qatar. However, the work undertaken by these key figures to improve the image of Qatar in the west has been paid off. As a result of such efforts, the Trump administration has softened its sanctions on the wealthy monarchy over the last year. Losing these personalities will be problematic for Qatar in solving the Gulf crisis and bolstering its position in the United States.  

Although Allaham is a businessman with little political experience, his behind-the-scenes endeavors for Qatar have been conducive to better relations with the neighboring countries that had become tumultuous after the Gulf crisis. Allaham helped Qatar in setting up meetings with American officials. In order to set up these meetings, he gave donations to the American officials as a show of goodwill. However, Allaham now states that he never lobbied any public official for Qatar. He identifies himself as Jewish and he played his Jewish descent in reaching to advocates of Israel in America. These include Mort Klien, chairman of Zionist Organization, and Alan Dershowitz, a Trump advisor. Klien and Dershowitz both visited Qatar earlier this year to discuss ties with the Jewish community. This action ensued criticism from Israel as Qatar is known for its support for Palestinians and Hamas against Israeli aggression.  

The Gulf crisis saw United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and other countries severing ties with Qatar due to its alleged ties with Iran and other grievances regarding terrorism. After the inception of the Gulf crisis, the countries involved invested a lot of resources in the United States to garner its support in the region.  

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