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Kim cozies up to China in celebratory visit with message for Trump

The celebratory visit of the North Korean leader, Kim Jon Un, to China resulted in handshakes, tea, praise and a message for the United States. The visit solidified China’s position as paramount in any negotiations between the US and North Korea. 

In the region, two of the major issues facing the United States are the trade war with China and the denuclearization of North Korea. In all this, President Trump does not like the inclusion of China and it is a variable that remains outside his control. As a result, White House officials have stated that the economic sanctions on North Korea will remain in place even when talks are progressing and will get intensified if North Korea fails to cooperate.

However, North Korea’s biggest trading partner China has the power to ascertain whether such sanctions can have a crippling effect on North Korea or not. Analysts say that Kim’s visit to China depicts that the President of China, Xi Jinping, wants President Trump to know that if the trade war between China and the US escalates, peace with North Korea can get sabotaged. One of the most ambitious goals on the foreign policy agenda of President Trump is to foster peace between the US and North Korea.

Despite the escalating trade war with the US, Xi Jinping has publicly supported a truce between the US and North Korea and has also supported North Korea’s decision to denuclearize. According to the Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman, China is not scared of fighting a trade war with the US as President Trump ordered to slap tariffs on a further $200 billion of Chinese imports.

China realizes that if the regime in North Korea collapses, it will get exposed to a plethora of refugees. Moreover, after the collapse, the US troops can move in the region as a stabilizing force and can bring them right to the border of China which is detrimental for its national security. Therefore, China will try to keep the regime in North Korea stable so that it can safeguard its national interests.

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