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Kitty’s Countryside Dream by Christine Barlow : A great read

Kitty’s Countryside Dream by Christine Barlow features a furtive story of a young girl named Kitty who begins a fresh life after she gets an unexpected inheritance from her long-lost grandmother.

Kitty becomes the heir of Bluebell Cottage and a chicken farm in the Staffordshire countryside; as a dedicated and responsible girl she considers it a new focus of her life and decides to take charge. The vibrant tale unfolds in the most graceful manner when Kitty works tirelessly on farm, discovers her new life, legacies, secrets, love interest, profession and friends.

The very first day, Kitty bumps into Tom, a young handsome guy who had been previously managing her granny’s farm. The plot climaxes when Kitty develops an interest for Tom and marks a twist when she discovers a hidden diary with a message in her farm by a mysterious character Violet. The memoir helps her fill in missing pieces of her family jigsaw and leads to another shocking revelation.

The story has a comedic shadowy plot that will make you laugh, recoil and experience a pull at your heart strings. Mysteries are always interesting to read but this mystery is as odd as a unicorn farting rainbow. This flawless writing illuminates some genuine characters that dive the reader into a sea of curiosity. The writer has creatively illustrated impeccable scenes that will not let the readers spot the culprit till the end.

The story knacks love, bonding, mystery, secrets, humour and friendships. The inheritance of the property came as a complete surprise to Kitty, who commits herself to devotedly work in the chicken farm and reside in the lodge. While working on the farm, she finds Violets diary which reveals some secrets about her family that act as a key in identifying her origins and Violet as a character. Alongside, Kitty comes across her handsome neighbour Tom and develops love feeling towards him. Moreover, she is happily settled in the countryside, thanks to her lovely and supportive neighbouring friends’ squad on the farm who effusively help her become a skilful farmer. Kitty being main character adds much life to the story with her strong, responsible and holistic nature.

Eroticism and nature lovers has a great opportunity to enjoy. Certainly, Kitty’s Countryside Dream is an amusing mystery with an arty trace of romance. Christine Barlow is a great author who can illustrate some great stories with interesting characters.  

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