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Luscious hair just 5 masks away!

Having luscious, long, flowing hair like Rapunzel is every girl’s dream. But due to different situations and circumstances, some might not be able to achieve it. Well, girls we've got you covered with these five amazing hair masks that will take you a long way:

Banana -coconut oil :

Blend banana into a lump free smoothie and add coconut oil and blend more. Massage on scalp and strands and leave in for 10 minutes Rinse thoroughly.

Mehndi-egg-yogurt hair mask:

Mix all of the ingredients and make a paste. Apply on damp hair and leave in for 15 min before rinsing. See the magic yourself then.

Olive oil and eggs:

Take three table spoon of extra virgin olive oil and two eggs. Mix well. Apply this amazing combo on your hair. It’ll treat the brittle ends of your hairs and hydrate your locks .It’s a growth promoting mask.


This is the easiest and is readily available in most of our households so that's a plus too.  Apply mayo on hair for good half and hour and see the softness and shine for yourself after a few washes.

Onion and Olive oil:

Mix three table spoon of onion juice and one and a half table spoon of olive oil. Apply for two hours before shampooing.

P.s. we know it will be a bit smelly and itchy for the first few minutes, but that'll settle in.

TADAA! Use these masks and you're good to go and flaunt em' hair.

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