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MasterChef Australia S10 is here and we are loving the show already!

MasterChef Australia Season 10 premiered on May 7, 2018. The 10th season of the beloved MasterChef Australia had got us excited right from the time it was announced back in 2017. Just as we were expecting, this season is best of the best. It keeps improving every time and we can never get enough.

MasterChef Australia S10 looked very promising right from the time its first teaser came out. The one thing that it promised to offer was surprises. It comes with the tag line “MasterChef Australia Season 10 – A Season Full of Surprises!”

So far 20 episodes of the latest season have aired and we absolutely love it! It is just like old times – so nostalgic – but has a brilliant wave of fresh air to it as well. Here are the 5 things that we love so far about the MasterChef Season 10 Australia.


Our favorite judges Matt, George and Gary are back for their 10th season of judging MasterChef Australia.The Judges are as fun as always. The right critiques with the perfect judgment and friendly behavior; we love them since forever.

2. MasterChef S10 contestant – LOKI

It is rare that any contestant becomes a favorite of the audiences so early on in the competition. But the season 10 is indeed a season of surprises. We found our favorite contestant already; Indian-born Australian Loki. Aged 32, Loki is a stay-at-home dad and is dubbed the master of spices already by fellow contestants.


Nigella Lawson is a household chef that has become a world-favorite and global sensation with her love for food and great connect with the audiences. Nigella is not only known for her amazing cooking skills but also for her immense love for chocolates and her beautiful face. Nigella blesses us this season with an entire week in the competition.


For the first time in history of MasterChef Australia, American chef and the king of food – Gordan Ramsay is making his debut on the show. People feel terrified of him but for all the right reasons. This is the first time he will be attending the show as a guest chef. He hosts MasterChef America.

5. The golden immunity pin

Another mention of our favorite contestant Loki because he is the first one to win the golden immunity pin early in the competition! How amazing does that sound? He did wonder and blew the judges off their minds. We were awe-struck by his amazing skills and on-point wit!

So if you have not been binging on MasterChef Australia S10 already – we wonder what you are waiting for!

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