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Meghan Markle wears a beautiful Givenchy Gown on her wedding day but why so simple, Princess?

The most important thing for any girl on her big day is the wedding dress. More than the bride herself, the guests are interested in seeing what the girl will be wearing. Meghan Markle was no different and let's not forget that it was not only something that the 600 guests in attendance wanted to know. The world was watching too!

Today on May 19, 2018 American Actress Meghan Markle, 35, tied the knot with Britain’s charming Prince Harry, 32. The wedding was announced in November 2017 and ever since then; there was an ongoing speculation about the wedding dress.

Today, we witnessed history being made on our television screens as we saw Live Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange wedding vows. But before we saw that, we got to see what we were most impatiently waiting for – the WEDDING DRESS! And are we happy with what we saw? Let's just say it is a mixed feeling.

Meghan wore a plain white Silk and Satin form-fitting gown by Givenchy; which happens to be a world renowned and celebrated fashion brand.

The dress was a form fitting gown that had a long tail at the back. The gown came with full length sleeves and a boat-cut neckline. The dress was made of completely plain white silk only that hugs beautifully to the yoga-tuned figure of Meghan Markle. But the only thing that added a completely wow factor to the dress was its veil.

The veil was made of white net with silk hemming and flower embroidery by hand on the edges of the veil. Each flower represented a commonwealth country. The veil was 15 feet long. It was huge but all in its glory, the only thing that gave Meghan the effect of a Royal bride.

The dress choice was flattering but not over-the-top impressive. People have taken to their social media accounts to express disappointment in her dress by pointing out it was way too simple for a Royal bride. The constant comparisons that are being made to other Royal brides like Diana and Kate Middleton are not making things any easier too.

Why would Meghan choose such a simple look? May be because she wanted to represent a simple, modern feminist bride of the 21st century but we are not sure that the Royal wedding was the right time to play feminist!

The dress was beautiful but for a bride who is about to turn a Royal Princess – we surely expected something even more extravagant. The veil was glorious, amazing and perfect. It is the only thing that we believed made Meghan look like a Royal Princess in the making in addition to the beautiful diamond Tiara that she wore on her head to hold the veil in place.

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful union of two people in love. But we surely think Meghan could have done better with the dress choice.

What do you guys think about her dress? Leave your comments in the comment box below!

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