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Meri Nanhi Pari: An emotional saga of a child suffering from Thalassemia

After a span of 21 episode, drama serial Meri Nanhi Pari, aired on ARY digital ended on a happy note.

Directed by Ali Faizan and Kashid Ahmed, the story of this heartening drama was based on the never-ending plight of children suffering from Thalassemia and their parents. The plot revolved around Shiza (Aisha Khan) who was abandoned by her husband Sarosh (Mohammad Ali) while she was pregnant with her first child Sehar (Ezzah Zulfiqar).While Shiza was learning to live with the tragedy of divorce, another tragedy struck her life in the form of a Thalassemia child, Sehar. The drama, realistically, depicts difficulties and troubles of upbringing children suffering from fatal diseases like Thalassemia. How their parents have to go through the unexpected, just to save the lives of their children. 

Here’s why you should definitely watch this emotional saga online if you missed it while it was being broadcasted on TV:

1 Aisha Khan's last drama

Meri Nanhi Pari was Ayesha Khan’s last outing as an actor. She played the mother of the Thalassemia child with such intensity that would actually leave you in tears. She fought every hurdle that came her way with adamant resolve until she got her daughter treated from the life-threatening illness.

2.Awareness of Thalassemia

The drama makes the audience aware of the treatment of Thalassemia. If a Thalassemia patient gets matching bone marrow, the fatal disease can be treated. However, finding the matching bone marrow is a very difficult task and takes years.

3.Humans realise their mistakes overtime

It shows how humans realize their mistakes over time and try to rectify them. Sarosh divorced Shiza after a few months of their marriage and settled abroad. After 10 long years, he realized his blunder and left no stone unturned in apologizing for his mistake. He also got his daughter treated.

4. People who worship money are heartless

Some people are worshippers of money. It is very easy to buy them by filling their pockets with money. Shiza’s second husband, Khalid (played by Gohar Rasheed), portrayed a heartless man who was negligent of his responsibilities as a father and a husband. The only time he would do something was when you bribe to fill his pockets. He neither helped nor supported his wife in getting her daughter treated from the dreadful disease.

We definitely need more dramas like Meri Nanhi Pari in order to create awareness in the society about fatal diseases and their treatment and also to boost the strength of those parents who are raising children suffering from such diseases.

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