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Minal Khan Is Back On Our Screens With Qismat In Toe

The stunning Minal Khan is not free after the closing of Hasad. Yes, that's true! She has got Qismat to set up the noise. 

Our tv shows are depicting real-life issues for long and now they have started to be daring to explore genres that may not have been thought about in our society. And, yes we'rent complaining of this, and are happy. 

Qismat & What We Know!

Though we have just seen two episodes of the drama Qismat - but we must say that the consequences of forced marriages are what our producers, directors, and actors along with story writers need to explore at a more captivating level. 

Meet Minal Khan A.K.A Soha 

Soha our heroine - needs to be more focused on what and how people are treating her. 

Especially if it shows a poorly depicted character that says, "I love you - but can't stand in the favor of your character." 

Because these things do become ugly once the spread of love cools off. 

Faizan Khawaja A.K.A Rayyan, Who Needs To Grow Up 

No doubt. 

We understand sibling love - but crazy in today's world doesn't make sense at all. 

And yes, he should also knock some real-time sense in his elder brother.

Next, Comes Family-Focused Restrictions & Wrong Choices 

We guess nobody is disillusioned to this part of our society. 

The reasoning is  - that this one small piece has caused a lot of havoc and has destroyed an immense number of lives without hesitation. 

And, we being Mashraki awaam happily become a victim of this pressure. 

What Do We Expect? 

A lot to be honest. Not the usual same storyline and sacrifice based on nothing. And, above all something that our society, especially females can relate to and crete a better felowship. 

Here is to hoping that the writer Asma Siyani,  Momina Duraid Productions, and the director Fahim Burney do have a better plot other than what we might be guessing to see.

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