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Mosque Aqsa Caught Fire The Same Time As The Blaze Was High In Notre Dame

This Monday night, flames blemished the horizon adjoining two of the world’s most noticeable divine sites: Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral in addition to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque complex. 

The previous writhed substantial losses, as well as its iconic pinnacle and a matrix network of wooden beams that represented the old-fashioned church’s loft, but engaged its general stone edifice. 

Whereas, Mosque Al-Aqsa escaped comparatively intact, sustaining harm to a single mobile guard cubicle, for which the western media isn’t highly happy. 

Rendering to the Palestine News Agency, also called as Gulf News, the Al-Aqsa fire started in a guard’s cubicle adjacent to the rooftop of the Marwani Prayer Area, also well-known as Solomon’s Stables

Even though the blazes threatened a 2,000-year-old section of the house of worship, the Times of Israel’s Adam Rasgon accounts that the firefighters were able to effectively suppress the fire before it could increase further than a wooden cubicle where sentries take a seat when it drizzled.

All in all, the fire—alleged to have been in progress by children playing in the patio — continued for about seven minutes or so. No victims or lasting harm to the compound’s perpetual structures were reported on the national media so far.

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