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Mutlub Kuch Bhi Kese Kar Lete Ho Yaar? Roasting Excuse me Ap bhi - Hassan!

Guys welcome to Andaz Daily's fresh roasting deal of the day! We couldn't help it when we found the goal ready to get cast. 

Yaanii k jub khud aapke pas chookaaa aaiee tou aap chukaa kyun na lagaoo? Wait - see this and tell us if we are wrong or no!

Technically speaking, we were getting bored and had nothing much to look forward to today. 

And suddenly -  bijliyaan chamknee lgien, hawaieen teez bohat teez hone lagien aur Hassan Studio wale Hassan bhai hamari duniya ghoomanee aa gaiee.

Lou G Bus Bohat Ho Gayaa!

So yes, this is with the exact mutlub kuch bhi wala andaz! 

Don't know what we're asking you to look at?

Screen pe ye bohat achee lgtee hein. Aur haan yeh khud k bohat hi bdee fan hein! 

Wait, see this video and then tell us 

Aub Tou Aap Samjh He Gaee Houn Ge K Kya Huwa He Humein!

Joke apart, but this guy has really smartly gotten so much fan following that you cant imagine.  

And, he does know that everyone does make fun of him, but he still continues with whatever he is doing. 

Yes, that's correct when it comes to the direction, script, and acting of his videos. 

Here is another masterpiece for your leadership guys! 

Mutlub k bus Kuch bhi! 

Like literally just anything.

Excuse Me, Aap Bhi? A Star Is Born To Rock!

There are times when you can seriously use Hassan's directed video's to declare unconditional love to your bae. 

We mean, simply add a guitar - start lip syncing on a song and go ahead with adding pizza, burger, and shawarma love in your song. 

Here is a tester for love - happy hunting!

He Doesn't Leave Anything To Choice!

Uff, yeh kia dekh liaa!. 

Mutlub aankhoon ko saeek lia!

We have seen so much of this specialty that we can't stop sharing. 

The guy just blows your mind out of your brain and leaves nothing to the imagination. 

Here is another yikessssssssssssssssssssss typo advertisement for your leadership!

We couldn't resist sharing - Kasam Se! 

So, what do you think? 

Heena phir mutlub kuch bhi wala scene!

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