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National Book Foundation publishes Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince - Pakistan’s first fictional book

The budding lawyer-cum-author “Faran Kiani” privileges to be the first young-adult fictional adventure author to be published by the National Book Foundation of Pakistan (NBF). 

He self-published his second novel “Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince” in 2017 and the manuscript has now been chosen by NBF Pakistan for further publication and circulation. It is scripted in a rationalised Shakespearean grace that is diversified with modern musicals. The novel is about the contest between “good and evil” and orbits around five fairies who are striking but sluggish and titled.

Kiani expressed he was thrilled getting his book read by a wider audience and that sentiments of being familiar for something is unequaled. He also said that he have been trying to encourage this kind of young adult prose in Pakistan which don’t get dispensed due to lack of availability of publishing platforms.”

Before NBF re-published it in April, Kiani was able to sell 1000 copies of his book himself. In his selling campaign he visited many schools to promote his book when he realized that the literature group is struggling in Pakistan.

In a former interview, Kiani disclosed that he penned down his first novel Kiva – The Hidden Kingdom while in the hospital when his mother was admitted which has been published on Amazon. For future, he aspires to brand a multimedia charter with books and films of similar series.

Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince by Faran Kiani is available at more than 40 NBF outlets and other bookshops across Pakistan.

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