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New Study Finds that Marriage is Literally Good for Heart

Most of the people often say marriage is a bed of nails as life gets tougher once you are married. However, a new study has found that marriage helps improve heart health in the later ages of life. The study conducted by researchers of Royal Stoke Hospital’s Cardiology Department in Brittan was carried out for two decades. 

The research included over two million individuals between the age of 42 and 77. The findings of the research say that being hitched significantly lowers the risk of heart diseases. Individuals from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia were included to finalize the findings of the survey. 

The study also found that people who are divorced, widowed or single have 42% more chances of developing cardiovascular diseases and 16% more chances of heart diseases. Furthermore, it added that non-married individuals are 55% more likely to die with heart disease. Findings of the study are same for men and women except one section of stroke, where men are more susceptible. 

The team that carried out the research was found quoting that marital status of an individual in assessment of cardiovascular problems will play a significant role. But the study didn’t address the issue of living together with or without marriage bond. The study is based on observations rather than controlled experiments so nothing can be said in this regard.

Nevertheless, the research has offered a great help for heart patients. The study nots that single individuals should get married in order to protect their heart and prevent any issues in the future. According to this study marriage, in multiple ways, is a great safeguard against heart diseases and make married people live longer than non-married.

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