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Nida Yasir Showing Off Her Shopping Is All The Bad You Want To See!

Nida Yasir is one of the very prominent and recognized actors from our TV fraternity. 

However, her recent activity has been a huge slap of disappointment to what we saw and felt. 

That being said, here is the video that has been making rounds on social media. 

Isn’t it unfair to show your shopping to the underprivileged audience who hardly earns the bread and butter? 

Most of the audience belongs to the middle class and below. 

But still, this display of artifacts belonging to brands they can hardly visit or think about is cruel beyond imagination. 

These morning shows are rotting our society on the pretext of guidance - but since our country lacks enjoyment and freedom of visitation - then yes these are the only sasti entertainment our gareeb awam can afford. 

Let us know what you have to say about this utmost outrageous display of richness.

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